pardo home >> week eleven.

i'm a little late this week b/c i've been at influence conference for the past few days! 
it's been both amazing and exhausting... and just not a-whole-lotta time to blog. 

not a ton of updates this week anyways. we did get to do a walkthrough with the builder at the beginning of the week which was so neat to go around and be able to say things like "can you move that outlet over a bit..?", or "how about adding a closet here where there's unused space", or "hey, electrician, let's add a flood light on to the corner of the studio to light up the driveway.." etc.
(insert squeals and realization again that we are really getting to do this!! un.real.)

and they were finishing up the 2nd floor exterior ... gonna look a little different than the siding.
don't you love it?

AND we did get an updated closing date for middle of december -- so that'd be exactly 20 weeks! 
fingers crossed :)

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Julie said...

awww!! what a sweet birthday present for you!! :) love you