trader joe's top 10 >> part SIX!

i can't believe this is the sixth installment of my trader joe's top 10 posts. if you're new here and not familiar with my love for the grocery goodness that is trader joe's -- see my previous posts:
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so, without further ado.. here is PART SIX of my favorites...

10. chunky guacamole (with greek yogurt) // nothing beats made-from-scratch guac.. but this is probably my favorite pre-made one! made with greek yogurt, it's lighter which means less fat & calories. and no weird added crap either... just fresh whole ingredients!

9. tricolor quinoa // a blend of red, black, & golden quinoa. i love quinoa (pronounced keen-whaa) in any color -- but the red is supposedly richer in fiber & protein! (excited for this new favorite recipe: quinoa fried rice!)

8. fully cooked farm raised frozen atlantic salmon // just defrost & warm it up! so easy & so yummy.

7. vegetable radiatore // pasta made out of spinach, beets, & bell peppers - love this stuff.

6. fiberful ends & pieces // natural dried fruit, veggie, & fiber -- a 1/2 cup serving has 12g of fiber!

5. pumpkin spice rooibos herbal tea // just the right amount of pumpkin. my new favorite fall treat.

4. frozen kale // i love throwing a handful of kale into my smoothies -- but it's hard to use up all of the fresh stuff before it goes bad. enter: a bag of frozen kale. brilliant!!!

3. light coconut milk // perfect for sauces & smoothies.

2. woven wheats wafers (reduced guilt) // tj's version of triscuits (aka my current favorite cracker choice) -- and no weird additives.

1. (frozen) turkey burgers // a great alternative when you need a break from chicken. and just 3 ingredients: turkey, kosher salt, rosemary extract. (i love mine with trader joe's aioli garlic mustard sauce!)

*honorable mention >> kale chips. the verdict is still out if i really love them or not yet. definitely easier than making them yourself though! :)

thank you trader joe's for constantly being innovative & creative with new exciting products!

any recent favorites of yours that i've missed?

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Keri said...

fleur de del caramels, coconut body butter, pumpkin butter, and pumpkin greek yogurt!!