tuesday tunes - taylor swift "red"

oh taylor. she's done it again. another album races up the charts. this is taylor's 4th record, and while she continues in her quest to turn her relationships/emotions into hit songs... she's a little more outside of the box on this one... and trying to sound/look a little more grown up.

i'll admit it -- i bought in. i've been listening & humming along. but i do think it's kinda ridiculous how massive this whole thing has been in the past week. not to mention that new music always releases on tuesdays... but taylor decided to release hers last monday, which meant all other music set to release last week followed suit. i guess that's one way to be a leader.
and last i heard she was on track to sell a million records in this first week. just when we thought nobody bought music anymore...

now, of course you can get the album on itunes (where it's been #1 for a week now) --  but do you know where else you can get it? how about walmart, walgreens... and PAPA JOHNS. yes, hi, i'd like to order a large pepperoni pizza and a taylor swift album please. what?

this is in walgreens, people... walgreens!

kinda mixed feelings on the first single "we are never ever getting back together" ...

but i do really like this one... "begin again"...

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