tuesday tunes - worship together christmas.

i'm breaking my too-early-for-christmas rule again, because i'm such a proud wife :)

my talented husband produced a new little ep for worship together of 5 new christmas songs for the church, called light has come. and he co-wrote a song on there called "newborn king" which is wonderful (i know, i know, i'm biased) but the other 4 songs are also really good. i'm so excited for the church to have some great new christmas songs for holiday worship.

you can hear the song, see the chords, etc for "newborn king" >> here

and check out the video below of jeff and his co-writer bryan brown explaining a little more about the song.

>> see video here <<
then check out the ep on itunes, and tell your church!! :)

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Tay said...

I am so excited for Christmas music! I'm already working on my Christmas playlist! :)