tuesday tunes - jon mclaughlin.

i can't believe i haven't mentioned jon mclaughlin in a previous tuesday tune. i've been a fan of his for awhile, as he runs in the same circle as my buddies dave and matt.
i really enjoyed his first album, indiana (best known for "beautiful disaster") and the second album, ok now, had some songs i loved, too (ie: "beating my heart"!)
his third album, promising promises released last week (sadly a little overshadowed by mr. mayer!) so i'm excited to see how it sounds!

i do know that i'm a fan of this duet with sara bareilles (love. her.) on the album -- "summer is over":

another little-known fact... that's jon singing at the ball at the end of the movie enchanted:


pinterest-is-for-real. and yummy!

a couple months ago i shared some pinterest-inspired recipes i've been trying. as beautiful as those photos are and as enticing as the captions can be -- i've started investigating the recipes (aka actually clicking through to the source) to see just how "easy" or "healthy" it really is.
i have found some good ones (and a few not-so-good ones, too)...

buffalo chicken egg rolls : (originally posted at this blog) i made these with my friend becca (while our husbands were in the studio writing a hit song!) neither of us had ever used egg roll wrappers before, but they were surprisingly easy to use, and the broccoli slaw added the perfect amount of crunch! we subbed the blue cheese out for feta... and even made our own feta dressing from scratch for dipping! definitely a hit (and the boys loved them too!)

whole wheat brown sugar banana bread pancakes: (originally posted at this blog) this was a couple weekends ago to celebrate the first saturday morning at home jeff and i had together since january. the pancakes are super dense, so you can't eat very many. but oh, are they delicious... and there's a maple vanilla glaze that's ridiculous. yum yum yum.

some other favorites...
gnocchi mac n cheese (originally on this blog) - i've never really met a mac n cheese that i didn't like. and this one moved to the top of this list. definitely not filed under "healthy"... but so tasty. comfort food at its best.
corn cakes w/ avocado tomato salsa (originally on this blog) - made these with some girlfriends one night & they were really fun to make as a team (lots of prep steps!)
parmesan-garlic chicken (originally on this blog) - uses greek yogurt & makes the chicken super moist. too bad i found out my husband doesn't love greek yogurt or parmesan (whoops!). otherwise i'd make this again soon (next time he's out of town!)
kale sweet potato pizza (originally on this blog) - a unique twist on pizza.. i was honestly surprised how much we liked this!
cake batter blondies (originally on this blog) - if you love cake batter (and who doesn't?) these are a great dessert alternative if you need a break from chocolate

and one i wasn't impressed with...
skinny monkey cookies (originally on this blog) - these were being repinned like crazy b/c they were advertising as healthy breakfast cookies with just 47 calories. but they tasted like cardboard. too bad. (the ones i blogged here were much better!)

stay tuned for a step-by-step look at one of my pinterest recipe favorites...

have you found any recipes from pinterest that turned out great in real life? please share!!


tuesday tunes - john mayer born & raised.

yes. i love john mayer. { we've obviously established that. } so of course i'm excited for his long-awaited new album that released today -- born & raised. we were teased with the first single "shadow feet" (and these crazy johnny-depp-esque photos of mr. mayer) for the last 3 months... but today has finally arrived.
what do you think? one listen through and i am intrigued... no favorites quite yet though.
also... i can't believe it's been over 2 years since john's last record. he had taken a little hiatus (here he is talking to ellen all about it -- did you know he's living in montana?)
sad news about his voice and the cancelled tour... but at-least we have some new music to listen to.

here's the video for "shadow days"....

also love this clip from ellen about john's not-so-secret love of the bachelor!


tuesday tunes - newsies!!

if you are a girl born in the 80's, you are most likely obsessed familiar with the 1992 disney movie newsies. (yes, christian bale was the lead character, jack kelly. be still my 12 year old heart.) this little gem has stayed at the top of my favorites list for a couple of decades, so when they announced they were adapting it to the stage, i kinda freaked out. how could i get to new york and see this??

well, let's just say my husband is amazing. and he shares my love of adventure and travel (and he likes musicals, too! i know, i know, he's a catch.) so, we had some free southwest flights (remember how much i luv them!) and said hey, why not just go up to the city for 24 hours and see the show? so that's what we did. we left nashville yesterday morning, had a crazy fun day in the city, saw NEWSIES THE MUSICAL last night, and flew back today. it was a blast.
and the show? super impressed. the characters were spot on, the classics were carried out beautifully and the new additions were great. oh, and the dancing...so so good. (especially SYTYCD alums alex & evan!).

if you can't make it up to the city this summer (it's only slated to play thru august) you can still get your hands on the soundtrack! preview the entire thing on itunes.
and here's the guys performing on the view -- check out the sick dancing during "seize the day" and keep watching til the last minute when jeremy jordan (aka jack kelly) sings "santa fe" -- ridiculous.

and here's a highlight video of the show...

ps we stayed at a super cute boutique hotel in long island city (in queens, just across the river) called the z hotel -- much more affordable than manhattan with lots of charm! we loved it.


top 5 instagrams.

my friend annie over at annieblogs.com does a fun "top 5 friday" series each week. today's was top 5 instagram photos & she asked us to post our own & link up! i love me some instagram, so how could i resist? here we go...

1. white christmas // http://instagr.am/p/tRaO/ // my very first instagram picture ever -- christmas day 2010. this is the view of the backyard at my parents' house in atlanta.

2. the 'L' // http://instagr.am/p/a7i2x/ // i love how much this picture says. jeff and i were in chicago last christmas headed downtown for the day. it's our classics - me in toms and him in chucks. and we had the train to ourself this peaceful december morning.

3. kid sisters // http://instagr.am/p/J0t_6zS1Xc/ // i'm kinda in love with these 2 girls. so when their parents ask me to hang out with them so they can go out to dinner, i don't hesitate. both adopted from ethiopia, i think howie & lena are 2 of the most beautiful girls ever. i claim them as my sisters :) (and howie was our flower girl!)

4. penguin pals // http://followgram.me/i/57365253_1164820 // my husband jeff loves penguins. like, really loves them. the day we saw them up close & personal at the georgia aquarium was probably the happiest i've ever seen him. ever.

5. east side // http://instagr.am/p/CxC4Z/ // one of my favorite spots in east nashville is east park. i walk or ride my bike there on sunny saturdays and bring a blanket and a book and enjoy some peaceful park time. and this is the view of my beloved nashville skyline.

*favorite filter: earlybird.
thanks for the fun idea, annie!! happy photo beautification everybody!


tuesday tunes - rhett walker.

ok, so this one is a little biased. the reason i know about rhett walker is because my talented husband co-wrote a couple of songs on his debut album, come to the river... including the first single "when mercy found me". and y'all know i definitely do not love all "CCM" songs...(cough cough cheesy) but this one is real good, y'all. rhett's voice is unique and endearingly country. (and oh, is he one country dude -- he's even trying to get jeff to like nascar... not gonna happen).
and he's got an incredible story of redemption. i am most definitely a fan of mr. rhett (and his cute wife april!) :)

listen to "when mercy found me"... (and then buy it on itunes! the full album will be out in july.)

and get to know rhett and his story a little bit here...


tuesday tunes - allie moss.

to be honest, i wasn't sure who today's tuesday tune was going to be. then, i got my email from noisetrade and they were highlighting allie moss today. i'm very aware of allie, as she has been touring with miss ingrid michaelson for the past few years, as her acoustic guitar player and right hand lady. and the last tour, allie sang a song of her own midway thru the set! (side note: totally excited to see ingrid again this monday in nashville! cannot get enough of her live shows. so so good.) allie actually reminds me a lot of ingrid's quirky melodies and beautiful harmonies.
so when i was made aware that i could download allie's full-length album, late bloomer, for FREE on noisetrade right now? yah, i did just that. and i'm really digging it. i listened to it a few times through today, and i've still got songs stuck in my head. there are three remixed tracks added on to the album as well -- kinda fun!

here's one of my favorites, "melancholy astronautic man"....

(but seriously. did you read up there that you can get ALL of the songs for FREE on noisetrade? what are you waiting for?)