tuesday tunes - phillip phillips.

though i've given up on american idol these past few years... i have to admit i'm a new fan of this season's winner, phillip phillips. while watching the olympics this weekend, i heard his song "home" during the women's gymnastics segments and was immediately obsessed. (and apparently i'm not the only one!) "home" was phillip's coronation song on idol, and sold more digital copies that first week than any other season!!

and i see why... i've been playing it on repeat all day.... excited to see what comes from this guy!


tuesday tunes - chris august.

i know, i know. it's wednesday. and let's be honest... i've also missed some tuesdays this month. i've got some explaining to do. and that will come.

but for now -- i've got a FREE PREVIEW of chris august's new album, the upside of down. just head over to his website to watch some videos & unlock previews of all of the tracks!! pretty cool.

you may be saying, "but who is chris august?" ...well, i'm so glad you asked. you can read this blog post i did last year :)
AND... chris is the newest artist to join our mocha club family! so excited to have him partner with us.

the album comes out august 21 -- but click that link and go preview it! good good stuff.

meanwhile -- here's chris making an appearance in a video from another mocha club artist, group 1 crew -- called "he said"... (it gets stuck in your head!)


do the dough.

i had a little bit of free time today and decided to create 2 different "cookie dough" recipes i had found on pinterest... which dough would you do?

1. "raw" cookie dough balls (originally on this blog.)
cashews + oats + agave/maple syrup + vanilla + chocolate chips
*i used dark chocolate chips & liquid stevia vanilla 

these are actually pretty tasty (for being pretty healthy) but definitely have a "nutty" taste because of the cashews. so more along the lines of a peanut-butter-chocolate-chip cookie. i honestly think they look more appetizing than they actually are, but a good alternative if you're staying away from processed sugar, gluten, dairy, etc.

2. eggless cookie dough (originally on this blog.)  
brown sugar + butter + milk + vanilla + flour + chocolate chips
*i used dark chocolate chips, liquid stevia vanilla, almond milk, whole wheat pastry flour, & earth balance butter

the original blogger was craving cookie dough while she was pregnant, so this made sense (no raw eggs) -- but i am a big fan of this when you're craving it any time! sure, butter & sugar aren't the best thing for you to eat every day, but this is way better than the store bought processed stuff, and you can modify your ingredients as you wish! freeze it up and just eat little bits at a time when you're craving some cookie dough! (warning: self control required!)



sorry for the absence. apparently when the temperature rises over 100 i can't bring myself to blog. but seriously. these temperatures have been insane -- we've broken the record here in nashville for a week straight. yuck.
ps thank you Lord for air conditioning. amen.

so here's a little catch-up in my world...

>> long weekend trip to CHICAGO to see the in-laws. we are officially obsessed with our niece.

>> had some friends over for the 4th. there was a whole lotta patriotic fruit going on.

>> getting pumped because today = 2 weeks til THE OLYMPICS! i.cannot.wait. love love love watching them.

[photo from mymzone.com]

>> last, and certainly not least... we're building a HOUSE. yup. this is our lot. more on that later (i'm gonna try to document the whole process) crazy exciting.. but been a little consuming to say the least. we hopefully break ground in the next couple of weeks!