pardo home >> week five.

guys, this is all happening so fast! we're 1/4 of the way to my 20-week goal of having a finished house! so last week things got crazy with the framing... and now we have a ROOF!

quick fun side story >> when i swung by to snap a couple pics last night, i met our neighbor to the left. he's an artist, and he and his wife have lived there for 13 years...and have 4 kids! they seem like an amazing family to be our neighbor... i'm so thrilled. we had met the sweet older lady on the other side a couple of weeks ago -- ms. mary. she's lived there for over 50 years! mary is super protective of our street, and jeff and i are in love with her already. wonderful neighbors on either side? just another reminder how God is in control and providing abundantly more than we could hope or imagine.

ok, now onto the pics...

2nd floor almost all framed up!

then that roof went on super quick!

i mean, how cool is this? WE HAVE A ROOF!


tuesday tunes - birthday stuff.

i promise i have a good excuse why i missed tuesday tunes yesterday... i was kinda planning the biggest birthday party ever for 700 mocha club friends. yup, the mocha club 7th birthday was last night, and it was such an incredible night of music, laughter, compassion, and community.

the artists that performed are no strangers to this blog: ernie, katie, drew & ellie, will from parachute, matt, and dave. if you're not familiar with any of them -- definitely give your ears a little treat today.

but it was so much more than just some sweet tunes. we had a fashionABLE fashion show hosted by my lovely friends annie & cassie (and featuring a little slice of our nash community as models!) we had some killer new videos from char who sent them to me this week straight from africa. my boss barrett did an unbelievable job telling stories, interviewing the artists, and inviting the room into the heart of mocha club.

i have never been so proud and honored to work with such an amazing team of staff and artists.

setting up the room -- those pennant flags are made
from fashionABLE scarf scraps!
the view from side stage: matt wertz rockin it out
i need africa more than africa needs me
mocha club staff & artists - love these people. 

HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY to mocha club -- the organization that i
bleed, sweat, and cry for -- because these sweet faces are so worth it.


pardo home >> week four.

last week we had a foundation... and this week we've got a-whole-lotta-wood goin on!

the wood has arrived!
 by monday we had a framed first floor

wednesday night the second floor was getting worked on..
it's looking like a real house!

i took a little peek inside... so crazy!


tuesday tunes - rain for roots.

some of my sweet friends (and all east nashville neighbors!) lent their voices and talents to this new record out today... creating beautiful folk songs based on bible stories for the little ones. i don't even have kids and i love it!!

the music is by lovlies ellie, sandra, flo, & katy and sally lloyd-jones (author of the incredible "jesus storybook bible") wrote the lyrics.

not being a mama myself, i've heard all too often that most of the kids songs you find yourself listening to kinda make you want to turn off your radio forever. so if you need a change of scenery melody -- check out rain for roots.

listen to a free sampler below (or go here if you're in an rss feed)...


pardo home >> week three.

so last week there wasn't much change on the lot (hence the kitchen inspiration board post) but we took a big leap this week! my lovely blog readers, i present to you...
our foundation!

the front
the back

i knew when we saw a port-a-pot we were serious.


tuesday tunes - new mumford!

it's been 2 years since i first mentioned them on the blog... and i have worn.out. that last album. so i have highly anticipated and anxiously awaited...  the new mumford & sons single, "i will wait"...
(the new album, babel, comes out september 24th... who else is counting down the days?)


pardo home >> week two.

as we wait patiently in these first weeks of not-super-exciting things like clearing/digging the land...
let me talk about my favorite part of this process... thinking through all of the little details & compiling my favorites*!

i'll share a few of my inspiration boards over the weeks... first up: the kitchen!

are you seeing the theme? 
white cabinets + grey walls + dark grey tile + white/grey countertops. 

*while pinterest can be my best friend (inspiration! visualization!) it can also be my worst enemy (you have million dollar taste marisa! you can't have/build/create that!)


derek webb - ctrl.

i've talked about derek webb here before. this guy is so talented. and his new album, ctrl, was set to be released next month... but derek surprised everybody by releasing it today! it's available on his website for purchase. and -- you can sample 3 of the songs for free over on noisetrade (the free music site derek helped start).

and derek continues again in his musical evolution on this one. but instead of re-inventing the wheel, i'll just let this blogger explain the album (very well might i add).

here was the little "coming soon" video he released a couple of weeks ago...


pardo home >> week one.

i mentioned last month that we're building a house. it's still kinda surreal, but we are oh so grateful for this gift and opportunity we've been given. it's been a crazy last couple of months, finalizing plans with our designer and picking finishes, fixtures, & final paint colors.
we're also building a studio for jeff in the back (in place of a detached garage) which is super exciting but also means more details to discuss and plans to approve.

but we've made it... the digging officially began this past week! they're saying it's about a 4 month process... so we'll see. i'm setting a goal of being moved in at 20 weeks (by my birthday...december 16). i'll be updating week by week... here we go!!



y'all. i am so so so excited about this conference coming up in 2 months.
and the story of how we got there is one of those "oh yah, God is so much bigger & working out all of the details way more than i can ever see" kinda things...

it started back last october, when i was doing my "31 days of wedding planning" series (which, by-the-way, i still think it's a miracle that i blogged for 31 days in a row!). i was reading/connecting with other bloggers involved with it as well... one of those being the lovely hayley of thetinytwig.com. after many emails we decided we should grab coffee when she came to nashville the next month (which, hilariously, is actually featured in her blog video - can u find me?) and we just started dreaming of ways we could work together -- particularly how mocha club and fashionABLE could partner with the blogging world. tons of emails, phone calls, and another nashville trip later.... we are doing just that!

hayley, along with her blogging girlfriends jesse and casey are tackling their own dream of hosting a fresh new blog conference called influence... specifically targeted for those who are still defining their voice and looking for ways to grow their online personality and platform. and we are stepping is as one of the main sponsors/partners! barrett is one of the speakers, annie (a former coworker and great friend) and i are hosting a workshop, and there will be tons of other amazing ways for the attendees to learn about our company and how to partner together.

i'm looking forward to soaking in as much as i can myself, too... while i don't consider myself quite on the same level as these ladies, i do enjoy having my own little piece of internet to share things i love, and just love the opportunities and joy that come from using your voice (and your influence - see what i did there?) for good. and i'm not complaining that it's gonna be at a beautiful hotel connected to a fabulous mall in indianapolis.. right in the middle of october (can i get a shout out for FALL - please come quick!).

and there's still a few more spots... so if you are a blogger looking for a community of like-minded friends... just want to learn a thing or two about this whole blogging thing, or just want a weekend getaway with some pretty phenomenal ladies... it's not too late! join us & celebrate your influence.


lulu lovin.

it's no secret that i love lululemon. the manifesto inspired my 2010 goals. the super snazzy products helped me to start enjoying yoga. my first pair of crops were (and continue to be) one of my favorite things ever. so yah, i love them. and it really is such an amazing company... focused on balance & personal development.. "creating components to live long, healthy, & fun lives" -- i mean, the original vision from the founder was "elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness" -- so cool, right?

so after watching some of my dearest friends love working there, i decided to jump on that train. yes, i'm still at mocha club and fashionABLE as my full-time gig (and still loving my many roles there!) -- but we decided we could use a little xtra cash flow in this season (you know, building a house and stuff) and this really is a company i believe in and know i can learn so much from. and, again, like i said above... i LOVE the products. so it was kinda a no-brainer.
i'm about 2 weeks in, and it's been a blast. i feel like i've always told everyone i know about lulu anyways... now i'm just a little more intentional about it when i'm on the clock :)

not familiar with this incredible company? i've started a little pinterest board with some stuff i'm "lulu lovin". and take some time to browse their online store...you'll be amazed at the innovative and beautiful products... those designers think of everything! and of course, if you're a nashvillian, come see us at our hill center store!

ps "sweat once a day" is just one of the fabulous phrases in lulu's manifesto... but it's my favorite. i'm really loving the opportunity to discover new ways to sweat each day... from cycling to bootcamp to yoga to boxing... i love the energy it gives me and the amazing feeling of a workout well done! do you have a favorite way to sweat?