my favorite fun stuff for baby

i shared my top 10 essentials (that you didn't know you needed!) -- but now that baby boy is getting more interactive, i'm also discovering some FUN stuff that he (and mama) are loving!  here are 5 of our current favorites...

1. sandra boynton board books - i was familiar with these from reading them to my niece, and i haven't met one i didn't like! favorites: moo baa la la la, happy hippo angry duck, and the going to bed book.

2. winkle rattle & sensory teether - this was the first thing he could grasp with his little hands, and also the first toy he started putting in his mouth!

3. circo security blankets - this little "lovey" is the perfect amount of soft, and has become his favorite pal to bring along on car rides as a little piece of "home"

4. bright starts lots of links - from his activity mat to his carseat to his swing, these little links add length to other toys, or are fun on their own. with a variety of grips and textures, he loves grabbing and pulling (and putting them in his mouth!)

5. mirrors - it's so fun watching your baby see their reflection. any kid-safe mirror will do - i love this one from skip hop or this one from bright starts

what are some fun baby toys you and your little one love?

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